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Insect Video

Reflection on my insect habitat
1.My habitat was very realistick.It had sticks, moss,dirt and grass.And I t was amazing that we found a real worm in our habitat .The funny part about that was we were making insects in are habitat and we found something that wasn't supose to be there. The worm could live there but it would die so I Just put him outside. It was a great expierince seeing how many things you can do to make a habitat. I am going to make a simalar project to the insect habitat.And I had a very good time doing that to. I know it is going to be kind of hard trying to make the whole project by my self so just wish me good luck. And my mom might get mad becoase it was alot of work the first time so please wish me good luck.

2. Me and my group had different disitions but we figured out how to fix our problems. I really hope we keep our problems together because If we don't it is going to be a big problem. I hope we can be a group that dosn't argue. and we are going to try are best.

3. I wonder if my table will keep trying to be good class matesand table member. Wonder if my table members injoyed the bug pro