Andrew George Inda 12
Pool Party

One sunny hot day on September 4th and we were going to have our birthday pool party. It was at a pool called Woodside. We got there ten minutes early. Ten minutes later everyone started to arrive. First William arrived than Scott arrived than Ben two minutes later everyone was here. So everyone started to jump in the pool. We all went to the diving boards first. We did all these poses like X marks the spot and old man and baby and all sorts of other poses. Then we went to the waterslides. Scott was trying to chase us but we were too speedy! We went head first and on our butts and on our backs. There is a blue slide and a green slide. The blue slide is very turny. The green slide is much shorter than the blue slide and the green slide only has one turn in it. Next, we went to the twenty-four inched water. Ben’s dad got us two balls to play with. We played capture the balls. Our team started with one ball and Ben’s team started with another. Two minutes later somehow our team got there ball. Ben started to chase me because I had a ball. I kept running up the stairs, getting out of the pool and jumping back in on the other side of the pool. Now Ben has been chasing me for six-hundred seconds! I was getting tired so I passed the ball to my friend Scott. He passed it back to me. Then Ben started to chase me again! I ran up the stairs and… KA-BAM! I fell on the ground and started to cry. My foot, my knee, my other foot and my elbow were bleeding bad. Mom said it was time for lunch. I got a little bit happier. There was pizza and fruits and green vegetables. I had pizza, strawberries, and purple, red and blue grapes. I loved the pizza but I really loved the strawberries!!! After everyone was done we went to play four square. I started ace. I said “old school.” Old school is where you hit the ball with your hands. I got Perry out. Then I got out. So I went back to have some more pizza. But there was no more pizza. Dad said “the chefs gave us pepporoni pizza instead of cheese pizza. So the pizza would be here in fifteen minutes. So I went back to the four square. But there were these huge guys at ace and they were getting all of us out. So I got in and then got out again. I said to myself “ They are very good.” So I went to be umpire with Monica. Then the huge guys got out and Matthew was ace. After Matthew got out everyone started to jump back in the pool except me. I didn’t want to fill the pool with blood. Dad said that the pizza was here. So I went to have another piece of pizza. There was only four slices left because everyone loved it. I asked Mom “,why are Mr. and Mrs. Bukavitch here?” Markus was here to. Dad asked him if he would like a piece of pizza. He said “Yes.” Now there are there slices of pizza left. I had the last piece. I had three slices of pizza total. Then Mom said ’’ cupcake time,” Everyone rushed in for cupcakes. Everyone started singing the Happy Birthday song for us. Our cupcakes had a number 8 candle on it. Me, Matthew and Monica got to have seconds and the other children did not. We got twenty four presents. I went upstairs with Matthew to play some video games. I got in third place in this racing car game with Matthew and he got in fourth. Then we played ping-pong. I said “whoever gets 13 points first wins.” Matthew said “Okay.” We kept tieing and tieing but then… WHAM. Matthew won. He was proud of himself. I said “darn.” We played one more game and I won. So we went over to the pool table. We got to use the pool sticks. It was very diffulcult to me. It seemed like it was easy for Matthew. He scored the first three balls in. I did not score a ball in until Matthew gave me an easy shot. I got it in. But it was kind of hard to me. I looked out of the window and saw that everyone was at the tennis court. Then I told Matthew “EVERYONE IS AT THE TENNIS COURT.” We ran as fast as we could to the tennis court and it was already 7:20 pm and the party started at 3:30 pm. I and Matthew were captains. I picked the two best players. I let Matthew have the rest of the players. We started to play kickball and my team got to kick first. We said that the mercy rule was 8.
So we started to play kickball and I was the first one to kick on my team. I got a base kick. I leaded off. They were wacky enough to throw the ball at me. It missed me by one foot. I went to second base. Next Natalie was up. She got a home run She said that it was 15-0 by the second inning. She had to go on Matthew’s team. We were kind of sad so we did our best to try to win. At the fourth inning it was 23-17. They were catching up fast. By the seventh inning it was a tie, 26-26. It was our turn to kick and I was up. There was a person on third base. I kicked it with a large KA-BOOM. Up, up, up went the ball then down with a large… KA-BOOM. We won! The game ended at 27-26! Matthew was fine with it. My feet were hurting. The ball was one of the hard balls at Bingham Farms school. It was a happy birthday for everyone!

Andrew Inda 12

My Life

Chapter 1

When I was Born

Waa! I got born on September 3rd 2003. I was the 3rd person to come out. I didn’t want to come out because it was comfy in there. I had to come out and stay in the hospital for 5 whole days! Five days later I came out of the hospital. Now I got to see some what? (Sun.) It burned my eyes too! We went home and I didn’t see any more of that shiny light thing. (Sun.) I went inside and was put into a crib. ZZZZZ!

Chapter 2

When I Lost My Teeth

Yay! I was happy when I lost my teeth. I got a gold coin and a 1 dollar bill! My mouth was full of blood. I spit out blood from 1 inch high! I hid and started to cry when blood drooled out of my mouth. I had a really bloody mouth. I went up to the sink and spitted. There was blood in the sink. I put the stool back and stuff. Mom went to the bathroom and saw me. I laughed. I showed my Mom and Dad about it. They found blood on the floor. I had to clean it up. I found a tissue in the tissue box. I took it out of the tissue box and put it in my mouth. When it stopped bleeding I closed the door and threw it in the garbage can. Chapter 3


We went to Disney world for our vacation. I went to get some bottled water. Uh oh! I don’t have any money. I went to Dad to get some bottled water. He said “yes.” He got me water and a stuffed toy. It was a fish. I asked Dad “what’s his name?” (The fishes name.) He said “Nemo.” It had a button on the fish and I pressed it. Nemo made fish noises. “Huh?” I said. I pressed it again and this time it said” hi.” That’s it. “That is crazy.” I went to our hotel with Dad to take a nap ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! When we woke up we went to the pool. There was: 2ft deep parts, 4ft deep parts, 6ft deep parts, 8ft deep parts and 10 ft deep parts. I jumped into the 3ft part of the water. It was freezing cold. I got out and sat in a chair to relax. Dad was in the chair so I had to sit on the side of the relaxing chair.

Chapter 4


I got a clothes pin, I got other presents to. Why would someone get a clothes pin? My Mom recorded me holding a clothespin with a camera for a minute. “This is weird,” I thought I put the clothespin in the pile of stuff Where Mom and Dad couldn’t find it. They looked down into the pile and found it and it on top. I opened more presents to. I got some cookies and candy from Santa Claus and Elfie, our elf, he was actually there yesterday. He is not here on Christmas. He is only here on December 1st-24th. On The 24th he only stays a half of a day. Our elf is a boy. He helps Santa on his sleigh when it is Christmas night. The TV was on, on Christmas day and the TV had on the Christmas day parade. It was fun to watch. I saw crayons and people or characters from Disney world or Disney land! They were walking around or they were square dancing. Some of them were on floats. Even some of them were in cars! After the show was done, it was already 1:00pm. We still had some presents to open. So we just ripped the wrapping paper off the presents, looked at the gifts inside the wrapping paper and moved on to the next present. That took us two or three minutes to do. There was wrapping paper everywhere in the house. There was wrapping paper here, wrapping paper there, there was wrapping paper everywhere. We cleaned it up while Mom and Dad looked at our presents from Santa Claus. After there was no more wrapping paper, Mom and Dad were recording our presents on the video tape camera and they were taking pictures of our presents to. I put my face close to the camera and made a silly face in front of the cameras. Mom and Dad laughed so hard, they accidently turned the camera off and they were still blowing their socks off.

Chapter 5

New Year’s Eve

Nothing really happened and we put on a fire at our Aunts house and we roasted marsh mellows. I was feeling lazy and so I put my marsh mellow down deep in the fire. It made lots of heat and light. It made flames to. I put the marsh mellow in the fire even deeper. It made big giant and huge flames. “Awsome,” I said. I didn’t want that burnt marsh mellow. I gave that smore to Dad. I cooked my next marsh mellow just how I liked it. All white, but sticky. “Yum!” I said. It got all over my hands so I had to go into the kitchen and travel all the way to the restroom. The sink was hard to turn on so it took me 3 to 5 minutes to wash my hands. When I got out of the restroom I went back to put some chocolate on a on a stick to melt the chocolate and make a good melted chocolate bar. It was super, super good. The chocolate was messy like the smore so I had to go and was my hands in the restroom again. Guess what? The sink worked this time! This time it only took me 30 seconds to wash my hands. This time it was easier to push the handle back for the water to stop, too. Everything was one million times easier to do it that


Chapter 6

New Year’s Day

“Brrrrrrrrrrrr.” “I’m cold.” I said. I had a rain jacket instead of a winter jacket. That’s why I’m cold! I went to go get a winter jacket but then……. It’s SUNNY AND HOT AND IT MAKES ME SWET! I said “that is weird, how could that be?” I thought. I laughed to myself “Ha ha ha ha.” I took my jacket or coat off. I started to play and I was kicking a ball against our neighbor’s house on the wall. My neighbor was not at his house so I kept kicking the ball at my neighbor’s house but then . . . BAM! It hit the hit the ground really hard, I even fell down with a trip! I did not hurt myself. Then I went inside to warm up. We had warm milk heated in the microwave. It was good, tasty milk but you know for sure that it was hot, or warm. I was all heated up to play outside again. I went outside and I got my coat dirty so I got some snow and aimed it at my back but it went down my coat neck. My back felt like it was an icicle was stuck down my back and the icicle melted in the inside of the coat. I went inside to get all warm again. The frozen water melted but the freezing cold water stayed all chilly and cold.”Ahhhh!” I said. Chapter 7 Valentine’s Day

We always have Valentine’s Day at The place that you learn things at. School!! There were four stations at the party of Valentine’s Day at school. One was match the candy or sweets or sugar under the cups. Another one was baking, icing and frosting and baking your own cookies. This is the last one I remember and it is musical chairs! I don’t remember the other one though. We went to the baking your own cookies station first. I found out that you don’t bake the cookies, you just frost them. “The cookies are easy peasy lemon squeasy to break.” I said, while I broke my cookie. The frosting was as sticky as glue so I used the frosting to glue the cookie back together. Soon a person said” switch!” Everyone switched to the next station. We were at match the piece of candy under the cup. I was up first. I picked up 2 cups. One had a red candy and another one had red candy! I got to pick a prize. There were… bouncy balls, noise makers, sticky balls and super sticky stickers! I picked a red bouncy ball. Soon when all the people in my group got there turn and there prize we switched to the next station. This time we went to the musical chairs. They put the chairs in a circle. Then the music started. Then the music stopped! I hoped into a chair. Jonathan, Me and Matthew were in a chair. Sage was not. Sage was out! Once again the music started but then stop! The music stopped. I hopped into a chair, but Matthew was in a chair to. Jonathan was out. The last round was tricky. There was only one chair; the music was on . . . stop! The music stopped. I sat down before Matthew but he sat on me! I told him to get off. He said “okay.” I won! Everyone got to pick a prize. We put our prizes in our bags. We looked in our bags. They had lots of candy in them. That day was a very sweet day and it was fun and funny too!

Chapter 8 Mom’s birthday

That day was a lazy sort of day because all we gave Mom was change and some gift cards to Starbucks. Dad gave her an electric pepper grinder machine! It came with 2 bags of whole regular pepper, and 1 bag of whole colored pepper. Mom was glad. Everyone was happy. For dinner, we went out to eat. “I really like this restaurant,” I said in my head. Know body heard me. “Well, nobody should hear me if I said it in my head,” I thought. Then I sat down to have a good chicken dinner.

You were an awesome kindergarten Teacher. You were respectful, responsible and kind. All of the good things you can think of. You had lots of toys and you even had handwriting books and stuff. You were the best kindergarten teacher!
Andrew G. Inda
Mrs. Woods

You were a very, I mean you were an awesome gym teacher. You were even doing the stuff for jump rope for heart and field day, too. Don’t forget that you were an awesome gym teacher!


Andrew G. Inda
Andrew G. Inda

Should Students go to School all Year?

No, children should not go to School all year. You have more time on the big Summer Vacation. You have less time like when you have to do something on the big summer vacation. It lasted 3 weeks. You would have enough time on the big summer vacation but you wouldn’t have enough time on the short two week vacation because. . . PLOP! There you are. Right back at your desk in school and you did not get to finish whatever you were doing. You would be in school for another 6 weeks. You also can get your mind off school in the big break or vacation. School should stay the way it is right now and stuff. In the long vacation you get to do a lot more stuff than you do in the small 2 week vacations. You have more breaks than you do in the 6 weeks of school, 2 weeks off vacations. You can have more field trips in the school with a 6 week off vacation. That is why I think students shouldn’t go to school all year.