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Matter and Energy

Things I learned in Science” and Energy”:

  • Sound waves can travel sound from one place to another.
  • Ice can change from a solid when it melts it turns into a liquid and once it evaporates it turns into a gas.
  • Fuel is stored energy that is burned to make things happen.
  • A candle has energy when it is lit and it gives off light and heat.
  • A liquid can take the shape of a container but a solid can NOT take the shape of the container it is in. A gas will not take the shape of a container because it would drift away out of the container with the top off.
  • Energy makes things happen. Energy causes all actions. Energy is able to do a lot of work all day every day.
  • Matter is made up of tiny partials.
  • In a solid partials’ do NOT move around.
  • When you put vinegar into baking soda, the thing that happens is that the baking soda started to fizz up just like it was pop.
  • The masses of the vinegar and the baking soda not mixed together made it heavy and the vinegar and the baking soda mixed together made it lighter that it was.
  • The bubbles from the baking soda were an immediately comical reaction. The vinegar also made a comical reaction.
  • Food, batteries and fuel all give energy out there all of their energy sources. They make things happen.
  • The source of most of the energy used by people comes from the sun.
  • People get energy from the healthy foods we eat.
  • Stored energy can be turned into active, moving energy by eating food then playing, burning gasoline to move a car.
  • Fuel is stored energy that is burned to make things happen.
  • Plants are solar energy along with carbon dioxide and water to grow and when you eat the plants, we change stored energy into energy to make us move and grow.
  • Liquid materials flow can be kept in open containers, and make the shape of their container.
  • Liquids do not make piles.
  • Gas fills all parts of a container and will escape from an open container.
  • From the tone generator the energy in the plug changed into sound energy.
  • The energy that caused the action was the battery caused the flag to move.
  • When you rub your hands together, your hands get hotter when you rub them together just like a candle does when it is lit up into a fire to give off light and heat.
  • With a slinky the action that I observed was the sling moving. The energy came from pulling the slings together.
  • Do all solids have the same melting point? No. when water is below 0.C, it is a liquid. Chocolate melts at about 50.C.
  • Some things will never melt. Some other things just take a few minutes to melt away.
  • A solid melts away and starts to turn into a liquid and move apart.

Insect Habitat


Insect Videos

Reflection On My Insect Habitat Project

1. Things i learned about my habitat.

lots of the grasshoppers live in the trees.some also love to live in forests. some grasshoppers also live in the HOT desserts too. lots of grasshoppers live alone and some of the grasshoppers live all together in the forests, desserts or in the trees.

2. Things that i learned while working in my group.

the things that you have to do in the groups that you are in is you have to be willing to to work with the other people in the group, at the table, in the class room and at the house with your parents too. you also have to be willing to work with other people without all of the fighting if the other people in the group you can are fighting you can tell the teacher.

3. My I Wonders

i wonder whydo lots of the grasshoppers live in the trees? i wonder why grasshoppers are green? i wonder why they are longer than other bugs sometimes?